Uniwax color foam wash with wax colour foam car wash shampoo


₹ 1,150

₹ 1,952


uniwax color car Foam shampoo is super dense clinging Purple foam to soften surface dirt. It has water softer quality which gives the best result on a car. It saves time and effort and creates thick Purple foam. Great Fragrance and Neutral Ph. Product is extremely effective with hard water. Safe on hands also helps in cleaning spots from chrome and glass too. it removes Tough Dirt & Road Grime from your Car or Bike. It is work in the foaming spray gun, jet foaming machine, and foaming jet cylinder


1:9 in high-pressure foaming gun

1:50 in air compressor foaming gun

•It has water softer quality which gives the best result in car

•Great Fragrance and Neutral Ph, Quickly removes Tough Dirt & Road Grime from your Car or Bike

•healthy for you and healthy for your car. Works With Hard Water as well as Soft Water. Consumes less water and less Car wash shampoo

•Causes No damage to Paint. Can be used with two wheelers also. Easy to carry with you bottle. Removes Dirt and Grime with Least Efforts. Compatible with foam washing equipments and can be used with buckets.

•Coloured foam shampoo from uniwax Auto Care for cleaning bikes and cars

•Available in blue, yellow, pink, orange, purple and green colour foaming variants.

•Cleans and shines vehicles. Effortlessly removes dirt, grime and stains.

•A high foaming vehicle wash shampoo that is ‘foam cannon’ compatible. Produces thick foam.

•Make your foam wash a ‘fun wash’ by creating new foam colours while mixing shampoo solutions together.

•Non-caustic shampoo formula. Does not burn or corrode the vehicle's exterior surfaces.

•Safe on all paintwork, wheels, plastics and other exterior vehicle surfaces.

•Increases contact time thanks to its thick 'clingy' foam. Ensures effective and deep cleaning.

•Will not remove waxes, polishes or sealants from exterior vehicle surfaces.


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